Wardrobe Styling Behind the Scenes

>Wardrobe styling pic

Lately since my computers been down I've been busy wardrobe styling. I
know you guys are use to seeing me in front of the camera showing my
latest styles, but know its time for you to see me behind the camera
styling others. I had the opportunity of working with Photographer
Jeno Uche. We had such a great time shooting together and sharing
ideas with one another. The weather was rainy and gloomy, but we still
managed to get some great outdoor lighting and pull through with an
awesome shoot. This shoot was editorial, so we went for a more laid
back feminine and natural look for the model. Far as with the apparel
I decided to style her in a male button with shirt and DIY ripped
painted jeans. I'll post something soon on my blog to show you how to
make your own ripped painted jeans as well. Next, look I decided to go
with a vintage baby doll dress with her hair in a bun and a fun simple
soft whit sundress. Last, but not least a lace off the shoulder top
with wide legged white pants. These styles were pulled off
successfully. If you would like to experience shooting with
Photographer Jeno Ouche check out his website at http://www.jenouche.com
big Jeno pic

white sundress

behind the scenes summer dress


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