Casual Wear Weird Weather

Sorry guys my computer has been down for a few weeks. Its been devastating not to be able to post my latest styles with my little one. I’ve have been using my phone to post things here and there on Instagram. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @JossJewels. If you can describe my style I would definitely say casual with a chic twist to it. Lately I’ve been wearing casual mom jeans with flirty tops. Atlanta weathers been a bit funny. It goes from hot to rainy, to cold, so most of the time I’ve been wearing more laid back attire. The weather has been so up and down that Ulysses and I have been sick, but we’re a lot better now. Thank God. I still managed to make time to get a few good pictures in. Mom jeans are definitely my favorite to wear. Goodwill is the best place you can go to and purchase them. Usually, I DIY my jeans by cutting them and making them into to fun flirty shorts and giving that vintage ripped jeans affect. I paired it with a cute baby doll dress and tucked it in in the front. My sandles are from Topshop. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately. They are comfy and they go with almost everything.Me and Munchie 2me and Munchie