Summertime Love Fashion Scene

pin up girl

Summertime is the time for freedom, romance, and happiness. Love is definitely in the air around this season. This season definitely influence women to dress more colorful, vibrant and feminine. You can see our inspiration in the way we dress. This summer I have been very inspired to do a romantic summertime look. This season I wanted to dress more colorful, vibrant and feminine. I also love flowers. What girl doesn’t. I thought I would pull off wearing this adorable Vintage sundress. I know what you’re thinking ladies. How is it a dress? Well, that’s how it was found as a dress, but I thought it had potential to be worn as a two piece outfit. This dress was ripped apart and the top was turned into a flirty bra let and the bottom into a skirt. My sewing machine does wonders. The skirt was dolled up with a ruffle slip underneath for detail. Michael Kor  strappy heels simple and classic complimented my look. You can never go wrong with a romantic flower in your hair as an accessory. Pin your hair up and you’re ready for the runway. Ladies I know we don’t all sew, but there are similar floral print sundresses you can buy for a reasonable price like Forever 21 or Ross. If you are a Vintage Chic fashionista like myself check out my online boutique JossJewels were you can shop my carefully selected vintage threads at . My boutique is on the Mercari app. You have to download the Mercari app in order to purchase. You can also check out Joss Jewels boutique on Poshmark app at

Raisa photo 2

raisa photos 1

raisa photo 4

This is me meditating and thinking about what I’m going to wear tomorrow. Ha!lol  Any who. I have been lucky to come across this lovely female Photographer by the name of  Raisa. If you are locally in the Houston, Tx area be sure to check her out at She really captures the elegance and beauty in a photo.


Vintage 2 piece-

Heels- Michael Kor






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