Bag Fever

Vicenzo bags

I must admit I’ve always had a weakness for gorgeous handbags. They are the great accessory that just finishes off your look and makes your outfit pop. While I’ve Been here in Houston, TX for a while I’ve definitely been exploring the Fashion scene still and had the pleasure of working with a great bag line called Vicenzo Leather. They come in great luxurious shades of tans, browns, blacks, and turquoise. Every selection is so lovely with quality designs and textures. They are so easy to wear with any look  you chose.  I decided to go with a flirty baby doll top and clean white J.Mc Laughlin pants. They are so comfy and they stretch. To have pants that are comfy and they stretch are important to me every time I shop. Its so uncomfortable to wear jeans that are hard to get on and once they’re on your’re stiff because you can barely move your legs. lol. Talk about the struggle.  Next accessory I used with this look was a cute turquoise scarf. Sometimes you just need a bold color to make your look stand out more. Makeup is great to wear, but I’m more of a natural girl so all I need is a good eyeliner, masquera and red lip to finish my look.

brown cross bag vicenzo

Next, selection from Vicenzo Leather  we shot this gorgeous cross the shoulder purse. Its so cute and convenient to wear to outdoor festivals. Spacious on the inside too. If you’re not a girl who likes big bags this is a perfect selection for you. I love this rich brown color it comes in as well. The perfect shade brown to wear with any look including the look I’m wearing now. Cross the shoulder purses have been really popular for the past 2 years . I’m starting to see them a lot  more in popular affordable lines like Calvin Klein and  Micheal Kor. Here are more selections to see below.

Black Vicenzo bag

long strap vicenzo.jpg


Vicenzo Leather



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