Pop Up Shop Culture

Popsicle pop up shop munchies munchin

Follow me as I explore through the prairie lands of Houston,TX where selling thrift clothes and seconds hand goods is considered a luxury. Since I have such a huge closet of clothing I decided to have consumers to shop my closet. In order to figure out how to market my thrifty merchandise I set off on an adventure through Houston to explore different pop up shops and flea markets. One pop up shop event I found was called  Pop Up Shop Houston Festival Edition. They focused mostly on handmade good and services which I loved because the vendors merchandise was more authentic. My family and I set off to explore. Seconds, on arrival I walked into an Art museum outdoors with a band playing soulful funky melodies and food and snack vendors near by to serve consumers taste buds. One of the vendors was called Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream. As I was greeted and served by the  owner of these great treats I was delighted. Her name is Susan and she wore the cutest ice cream earrings. She also had the cutest ice cream truck. I ordered a watermelon popsicle  on the menu and it was so good. The juices was straight from the juices of a watermelon as my son indulged and I sneaked a taste. Be sure to check them out at Chocolatewasted.com /Instagram @chocolatewasted.

Pop up Ice cream truck

Houston gets really hot so I decide to merge inside with AC to see other vendors. As I walked inside I viewed a young lady painting a beautiful painting full of textures and colors. Great first impression to see when you walk inside. There is a boutique called Bird Life an online jewelry shop. They had great tribal with a mixture of modern unique pieces of jewelry to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing a few of these tribal jewels. This look is great for the summer, full of color, bold, and very fun pieces. You might see me in a piece in the near future on my blog. Be sure to check them out at Burdlife.com/ Insatgram @burdlifeofficial. Next I came upon these luxury leather bags by the name of Musae Imports http://www.MusaeImports.com. If you want to stay in shape and keep those curves tight check out Hustletown Hoopers. Its a Hoop Dance and Fire Artisty . CultGrrrl Creations is a hip vendor full of knitted corky art. Check them out at http://www.cultgrrrl.com. I’ve always loved the movement of mobile boutiques entrepreneurs. Check out one by the name of Unlikely Mobile Boutique. http://www.unlikelyboutique.com.


burdlife upclose vendor

Masael Imports blog

hula hoopers blog

cult grrrl creations

mobile boutique

Last, but no least my one of the vendors that really caught my eye was Tribe + Sol. It has a mixture of African and Native prints on the apparel. There are some pieces that are vintage and signature handmade designed. The jewelry is 100% handmade which I love. http://www.ndijeru.com.  I had a blast exploring and seeing all these great vendors thanks to Pop Shop Houston Art Festival. Be sure to check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HoustonHolidayPopShop. Now I believe I’m inspired to set up my “Shop my Joss Jewels Closet” vendor. Stay posted and I’ll let you know how it goes.

afro centric vendor

afro centric vendor jewelry





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