Holiday Sparkle

holiday sparkle

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can’t wait for the home cooking. yummy..Now that the Holidays is here of coarse I was inspired to look the part. I’ve always had a love for wearing anything shiny and sparkly. I’m a girly girl what can I say and the Holidays embellishes that from the Christmas decorations to the light on houses. The Christmas spirit is definitely starting to creep up on me. This time I chose to wear this vintage sequenced dress that looks almost like little snow flakes on it. When I seen this dress I just had to have it! This dress was also handmade and beaded in India. At first it looked like a granny church dress, but I knew it had potential. It was altered in the waist and taken up a few inches to show more legs. The before and after would have been perfect to post, but at least you get a chance to see the finished product. Micheal Kor ankle strap heels were perfect to wear with this look, simple, but sexy. My gold coin earrings are also vintage. This look was shot by Sheretta Danielle locally in the Atlanta, Ga area. If you want a great shoot go to

Ulysses and I  christmas blog

holiday vintage style

Blog pics need editing
earring shot
sequence face shot


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