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I’ve been a Midtown Native in Atlanta for years. Midtown Atlanta has developed and grown a lot since the past 15 years. Today Ulysses and I decided to stop by the Westside Provision District which is a prominent community for retail shopping, galleries, and theater space. Its such a chic place to go when you want to shop the latest Fashions, eat at the top of the line restaurants, and see great culture and art in a their theater. Today I thought this would be a great place to shoot. It embellishes such great architecture and this time I wanted to wear more cooler fall colors. I went with these champagne gold ball room pants and paired it with a black, lace crop top to really show them off. My gold coated chain necklaces are vintage and so are my earrings. I love wearing vintage jewelry with my looks. They really make my outfit pop more. The shoes I went with was a black ankle strap heel that are Micheal Kor from Nordstrom.

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Remember readers not only do I like to style, but I like to design, sew, and create as well. I’ve been working on a boys clothing line and here are a few pieces I’ve been working on that Ulysses is wearing. Ulysses is wearing gap jeans that are cut and hand ripped by me. His Rabbit Fur Trench Coated is handmade and designed by me. It took me a while to finally finish it and I felt so accomplished when it was done. His white T-shirt was handmade by me as well. His shoes are Canyon River Blues all leather. This shoot was successfully done by one of the youngest chic female photographers in Atlanta Sheretta Danielle. Please be sure to check her out by going to

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I’ve been really passionate about starting a boys fashion line. Mothers with little boys I’m sure you can relate with having trouble shopping for clothes. They will have a store full of little girl clothes and maybe two racks full of boys apparel if you’re lucky. The industry I believe needs more variety of different styles for little boys. I want my line to be luxury, chic, and also comfortable for them to wear. Hoped you enjoyed the fun pieces I’ve designed so far for my little one. Check out more to come on my blog. Chow.Blog photo west Midtown


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