Senorita La Flores

La flores
I’ve been inspired in the Latin culture tremendously, by the food, the lifestyle, and culture since I’ve met my husband 5 years ago. He is of Mexican decent and our son of course also. I wanted to show that in this playful shoot we did yesterday. This style I was going for was definitely inspired by the Latin culture and I wanted to show it off  with the pieces I wore.  The weather during the day is still nice and warm so I managed to still sneak a few summer pieces in until its starts to get dreadfully cold, as Fall has finally arrived with the crisp leaves and pecans falling on the ground in my back yard we begin to shoot. I decided to wear this feminine, off the shoulder  lace top. This top reminded me of something the Mexican artist Freda would wear.This piece is so sexy and feminine to me I wanted to rough it up by wearing my Old Navy ripped jeans I ripped myself. For some reason its something about a pair of ripped jeans that gives you that fierce edgy look. I want to make my look more bold so I decide to wear chunky arm candy bracelets with my charm necklace. To top it off I pent my hair up and wore these handmade chandelier earrings that go with almost everything I wear. Last, I paired with my outfit with my open toe white ankle strap Heels by Micheal Kor. They are my favorite to wear because their not too high but it still gives you a little length and height.
just me
La flores walk
from the back
face down acessories


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