Transitioning from Summer To Fall

DSC_9402While its still summer, Fall season and styles will be definitely be coming soon before you know it its already here. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress, its not too cold not to hot. If it could be fall year around I would love Atlanta even more, but now its time to start mixing in your Fall pieces with your Summer. This shoot was also shot by 5 Oak Photo and Design. This time I wanted to shoot with a clean background so me and my sons apparel would stand out more. We hit the city downtown where there are beautiful tall buildings with a chic city vibe to it. I wanted to portray the super mom and her kid out on the town and strutting there Fashion. Through my photos I like to tell stories and let the viewers use their imagination of there own experience to connect with my work. My son and I had a blast shooting. Even though it was hard work Ulysses stuck it out like a champ and we pulled through with an awesome photo shoot. This time I wanted me and Ulysses to wear mink furs. I wanted to add a Fall piece and with the summer.  If you want a nice photoshoot as well be sure to check out my photographer Jesse at is wearing jeans from H&M and his shirt is from OshKosh B Gosh. His cute little hat is from Old Navy. Ladies, you can shop at stores with reasonable prices and still look great! You don’t always have to break your pocket to look good, its about how you wear it, just a little tip to throw in there.


I mixed in my  black crop top from Topshop, with high waisted black
pants and my black Guess strappy heels to add more detail. You never
can go wrong with wearing all black, its such a rich and edgy color.
Last, but not least throwing on my fur and “The Diva has now




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