Summertime Love Fashion Scene

pin up girl

Summertime is the time for freedom, romance, and happiness. Love is definitely in the air around this season. This season definitely influence women to dress more colorful, vibrant and feminine. You can see our inspiration in the way we dress. This summer I have been very inspired to do a romantic summertime look. This season I wanted to dress more colorful, vibrant and feminine. I also love flowers. What girl doesn’t. I thought I would pull off wearing this adorable Vintage sundress. I know what you’re thinking ladies. How is it a dress? Well, that’s how it was found as a dress, but I thought it had potential to be worn as a two piece outfit. This dress was ripped apart and the top was turned into a flirty bra let and the bottom into a skirt. My sewing machine does wonders. The skirt was dolled up with a ruffle slip underneath for detail. Michael Kor  strappy heels simple and classic complimented my look. You can never go wrong with a romantic flower in your hair as an accessory. Pin your hair up and you’re ready for the runway. Ladies I know we don’t all sew, but there are similar floral print sundresses you can buy for a reasonable price like Forever 21 or Ross. If you are a Vintage Chic fashionista like myself check out my online boutique JossJewels were you can shop my carefully selected vintage threads at . My boutique is on the Mercari app. You have to download the Mercari app in order to purchase. You can also check out Joss Jewels boutique on Poshmark app at

Raisa photo 2

raisa photos 1

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This is me meditating and thinking about what I’m going to wear tomorrow. Ha!lol  Any who. I have been lucky to come across this lovely female Photographer by the name of  Raisa. If you are locally in the Houston, Tx area be sure to check her out at She really captures the elegance and beauty in a photo.


Vintage 2 piece-

Heels- Michael Kor






Bag Fever

Vicenzo bags

I must admit I’ve always had a weakness for gorgeous handbags. They are the great accessory that just finishes off your look and makes your outfit pop. While I’ve Been here in Houston, TX for a while I’ve definitely been exploring the Fashion scene still and had the pleasure of working with a great bag line called Vicenzo Leather. They come in great luxurious shades of tans, browns, blacks, and turquoise. Every selection is so lovely with quality designs and textures. They are so easy to wear with any look  you chose.  I decided to go with a flirty baby doll top and clean white J.Mc Laughlin pants. They are so comfy and they stretch. To have pants that are comfy and they stretch are important to me every time I shop. Its so uncomfortable to wear jeans that are hard to get on and once they’re on your’re stiff because you can barely move your legs. lol. Talk about the struggle.  Next accessory I used with this look was a cute turquoise scarf. Sometimes you just need a bold color to make your look stand out more. Makeup is great to wear, but I’m more of a natural girl so all I need is a good eyeliner, masquera and red lip to finish my look.

brown cross bag vicenzo

Next, selection from Vicenzo Leather  we shot this gorgeous cross the shoulder purse. Its so cute and convenient to wear to outdoor festivals. Spacious on the inside too. If you’re not a girl who likes big bags this is a perfect selection for you. I love this rich brown color it comes in as well. The perfect shade brown to wear with any look including the look I’m wearing now. Cross the shoulder purses have been really popular for the past 2 years . I’m starting to see them a lot  more in popular affordable lines like Calvin Klein and  Micheal Kor. Here are more selections to see below.

Black Vicenzo bag

long strap vicenzo.jpg


Vicenzo Leather


Pop Up Shop Culture

Popsicle pop up shop munchies munchin

Follow me as I explore through the prairie lands of Houston,TX where selling thrift clothes and seconds hand goods is considered a luxury. Since I have such a huge closet of clothing I decided to have consumers to shop my closet. In order to figure out how to market my thrifty merchandise I set off on an adventure through Houston to explore different pop up shops and flea markets. One pop up shop event I found was called  Pop Up Shop Houston Festival Edition. They focused mostly on handmade good and services which I loved because the vendors merchandise was more authentic. My family and I set off to explore. Seconds, on arrival I walked into an Art museum outdoors with a band playing soulful funky melodies and food and snack vendors near by to serve consumers taste buds. One of the vendors was called Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream. As I was greeted and served by the  owner of these great treats I was delighted. Her name is Susan and she wore the cutest ice cream earrings. She also had the cutest ice cream truck. I ordered a watermelon popsicle  on the menu and it was so good. The juices was straight from the juices of a watermelon as my son indulged and I sneaked a taste. Be sure to check them out at /Instagram @chocolatewasted.

Pop up Ice cream truck

Houston gets really hot so I decide to merge inside with AC to see other vendors. As I walked inside I viewed a young lady painting a beautiful painting full of textures and colors. Great first impression to see when you walk inside. There is a boutique called Bird Life an online jewelry shop. They had great tribal with a mixture of modern unique pieces of jewelry to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing a few of these tribal jewels. This look is great for the summer, full of color, bold, and very fun pieces. You might see me in a piece in the near future on my blog. Be sure to check them out at Insatgram @burdlifeofficial. Next I came upon these luxury leather bags by the name of Musae Imports If you want to stay in shape and keep those curves tight check out Hustletown Hoopers. Its a Hoop Dance and Fire Artisty . CultGrrrl Creations is a hip vendor full of knitted corky art. Check them out at I’ve always loved the movement of mobile boutiques entrepreneurs. Check out one by the name of Unlikely Mobile Boutique.


burdlife upclose vendor

Masael Imports blog

hula hoopers blog

cult grrrl creations

mobile boutique

Last, but no least my one of the vendors that really caught my eye was Tribe + Sol. It has a mixture of African and Native prints on the apparel. There are some pieces that are vintage and signature handmade designed. The jewelry is 100% handmade which I love.  I had a blast exploring and seeing all these great vendors thanks to Pop Shop Houston Art Festival. Be sure to check them out on Facebook at Now I believe I’m inspired to set up my “Shop my Joss Jewels Closet” vendor. Stay posted and I’ll let you know how it goes.

afro centric vendor

afro centric vendor jewelry





Would you like to know whats in my bag?  There are a few beauty products I use on a daily bases. Lets start off first with Essie nail polish I’ve been falling in love with lately. Essie is very popular these days. I’ve been a fan of Essie for years when no one barely knew the name of this product while it was sold in nail salons. Essie color selection has definitely upgraded over the years from pastels to metallic shades. Pastel colors are very trendy right now also which is awesome because I’ve always found them to be very soft and feminine colors. The color I’ve been wearing is “Bikini So Teeny “. Its a mixture between blue and purple which make it blurple. Love it! Check me out wearing this color on my first blog post called “My Journey Through Fashion”. You can get an idea on how to rock “Bikini So Teeny” as well. Wet N Wild is another great product to use and very affordable. Since the Holiday season has arrived the gold glitter nail polish called “Waiting for my Solo” has been great to wear with my Holiday styles as well. Next, is Avon element nourishing cleansing milk. Its very light to the face. You apply, message into your face and rinse simple and you’re done. You can use this product in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Great for oily, in between, and dry skin. After, using the face cleanser I apply the Avon moisture boost cream. Its a great sunscreen when you’re out and about, keeping my skin moisturized. Last, Mac Mineralize Foundation great product. Its not heavy on the skin like most foundations and very light and natural looking when applied to your face. If you have any questions about these products please feel free to comment below. Thanks!

Products Used:

Essie-Bikini So Teeny
Wet N Wild- Waiting for my Solo
Avon Elements nourishing cleansing milk
Avon Elements moisture boost
Mac Mineralize Foundation

Holiday Sparkle

holiday sparkle

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can’t wait for the home cooking. yummy..Now that the Holidays is here of coarse I was inspired to look the part. I’ve always had a love for wearing anything shiny and sparkly. I’m a girly girl what can I say and the Holidays embellishes that from the Christmas decorations to the light on houses. The Christmas spirit is definitely starting to creep up on me. This time I chose to wear this vintage sequenced dress that looks almost like little snow flakes on it. When I seen this dress I just had to have it! This dress was also handmade and beaded in India. At first it looked like a granny church dress, but I knew it had potential. It was altered in the waist and taken up a few inches to show more legs. The before and after would have been perfect to post, but at least you get a chance to see the finished product. Micheal Kor ankle strap heels were perfect to wear with this look, simple, but sexy. My gold coin earrings are also vintage. This look was shot by Sheretta Danielle locally in the Atlanta, Ga area. If you want a great shoot go to

Ulysses and I  christmas blog

holiday vintage style

Blog pics need editing
earring shot
sequence face shot

ulysses and mommy

I’ve been a Midtown Native in Atlanta for years. Midtown Atlanta has developed and grown a lot since the past 15 years. Today Ulysses and I decided to stop by the Westside Provision District which is a prominent community for retail shopping, galleries, and theater space. Its such a chic place to go when you want to shop the latest Fashions, eat at the top of the line restaurants, and see great culture and art in a their theater. Today I thought this would be a great place to shoot. It embellishes such great architecture and this time I wanted to wear more cooler fall colors. I went with these champagne gold ball room pants and paired it with a black, lace crop top to really show them off. My gold coated chain necklaces are vintage and so are my earrings. I love wearing vintage jewelry with my looks. They really make my outfit pop more. The shoes I went with was a black ankle strap heel that are Micheal Kor from Nordstrom.

Blog pictures

westside provision blog

Remember readers not only do I like to style, but I like to design, sew, and create as well. I’ve been working on a boys clothing line and here are a few pieces I’ve been working on that Ulysses is wearing. Ulysses is wearing gap jeans that are cut and hand ripped by me. His Rabbit Fur Trench Coated is handmade and designed by me. It took me a while to finally finish it and I felt so accomplished when it was done. His white T-shirt was handmade by me as well. His shoes are Canyon River Blues all leather. This shoot was successfully done by one of the youngest chic female photographers in Atlanta Sheretta Danielle. Please be sure to check her out by going to

munchie blogger

blog westside

I’ve been really passionate about starting a boys fashion line. Mothers with little boys I’m sure you can relate with having trouble shopping for clothes. They will have a store full of little girl clothes and maybe two racks full of boys apparel if you’re lucky. The industry I believe needs more variety of different styles for little boys. I want my line to be luxury, chic, and also comfortable for them to wear. Hoped you enjoyed the fun pieces I’ve designed so far for my little one. Check out more to come on my blog. Chow.Blog photo west Midtown

Senorita La Flores

La flores
I’ve been inspired in the Latin culture tremendously, by the food, the lifestyle, and culture since I’ve met my husband 5 years ago. He is of Mexican decent and our son of course also. I wanted to show that in this playful shoot we did yesterday. This style I was going for was definitely inspired by the Latin culture and I wanted to show it off  with the pieces I wore.  The weather during the day is still nice and warm so I managed to still sneak a few summer pieces in until its starts to get dreadfully cold, as Fall has finally arrived with the crisp leaves and pecans falling on the ground in my back yard we begin to shoot. I decided to wear this feminine, off the shoulder  lace top. This top reminded me of something the Mexican artist Freda would wear.This piece is so sexy and feminine to me I wanted to rough it up by wearing my Old Navy ripped jeans I ripped myself. For some reason its something about a pair of ripped jeans that gives you that fierce edgy look. I want to make my look more bold so I decide to wear chunky arm candy bracelets with my charm necklace. To top it off I pent my hair up and wore these handmade chandelier earrings that go with almost everything I wear. Last, I paired with my outfit with my open toe white ankle strap Heels by Micheal Kor. They are my favorite to wear because their not too high but it still gives you a little length and height.
just me
La flores walk
from the back
face down acessories

Casual Wear Weird Weather

Sorry guys my computer has been down for a few weeks. Its been devastating not to be able to post my latest styles with my little one. I’ve have been using my phone to post things here and there on Instagram. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @JossJewels. If you can describe my style I would definitely say casual with a chic twist to it. Lately I’ve been wearing casual mom jeans with flirty tops. Atlanta weathers been a bit funny. It goes from hot to rainy, to cold, so most of the time I’ve been wearing more laid back attire. The weather has been so up and down that Ulysses and I have been sick, but we’re a lot better now. Thank God. I still managed to make time to get a few good pictures in. Mom jeans are definitely my favorite to wear. Goodwill is the best place you can go to and purchase them. Usually, I DIY my jeans by cutting them and making them into to fun flirty shorts and giving that vintage ripped jeans affect. I paired it with a cute baby doll dress and tucked it in in the front. My sandles are from Topshop. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately. They are comfy and they go with almost everything.Me and Munchie 2me and Munchie

Transitioning from Summer To Fall

DSC_9402While its still summer, Fall season and styles will be definitely be coming soon before you know it its already here. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress, its not too cold not to hot. If it could be fall year around I would love Atlanta even more, but now its time to start mixing in your Fall pieces with your Summer. This shoot was also shot by 5 Oak Photo and Design. This time I wanted to shoot with a clean background so me and my sons apparel would stand out more. We hit the city downtown where there are beautiful tall buildings with a chic city vibe to it. I wanted to portray the super mom and her kid out on the town and strutting there Fashion. Through my photos I like to tell stories and let the viewers use their imagination of there own experience to connect with my work. My son and I had a blast shooting. Even though it was hard work Ulysses stuck it out like a champ and we pulled through with an awesome photo shoot. This time I wanted me and Ulysses to wear mink furs. I wanted to add a Fall piece and with the summer.  If you want a nice photoshoot as well be sure to check out my photographer Jesse at is wearing jeans from H&M and his shirt is from OshKosh B Gosh. His cute little hat is from Old Navy. Ladies, you can shop at stores with reasonable prices and still look great! You don’t always have to break your pocket to look good, its about how you wear it, just a little tip to throw in there.


I mixed in my  black crop top from Topshop, with high waisted black
pants and my black Guess strappy heels to add more detail. You never
can go wrong with wearing all black, its such a rich and edgy color.
Last, but not least throwing on my fur and “The Diva has now